Stanley Cup Playoff – Icy Love

by on April 24, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

For those of us exiled to the mountains of Afghanistan or the dusty plains of Iraq (I’ve seen both. Afghanistan is better.), the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are a distant dream. Strangely enough for a Louisiana boy¬†however, with the MLB season getting underway and the NFL draft making major headlines of specualtion, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been the frequent subject of some late night conversations. The general agreement seems to be that these playoffs could yield some surprises. Opinions vary from the Detroit Red Wings as the eventual Stanley Cup Champions to the Anaheim Ducks to the NY Rangers.

Whatever the result, the Stanley Cup remains the pro championship of sports for some of these guys. A young soldier from NY told me that even the NFL can’t match up against the NHL in terms of sheer brutality and athleticism. His opinion was echoed by another young man from Detroit. These guys were raised on hockey so I’ll have to take their word on it. I’ll be looking into it. I’ve already informed my wife by phone that when I get back we’ll be making a pilgrimage to the nearest NHL city. She hung up on me.

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