Spygate, Sneakiness, and Success

by on December 12, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 SOOOOOOOOOO, now there’s some talk about the New York Jets using unapproved video methods during a game against the Patriots. Will the Jets be fined? Probably not. If you’re doing as poorly as the Jets nobody cares. It’s only when you win that what turnd up under the rocks gets punished. Hank Stram once used the term “My fair advantage.” It’s what every NFL team is looking for. And besides, what’s a few million in fines compared to what the Patriots are raking in by their success.

You know, I once liked Bobby Petrino. Now it seems like he’s the epitome of sneakiness. Shortly after telling Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank that he was going to be coaching in Atlanta in 2008 he accepts the job from the Georgia Bulldogs. I say good riddance. If a guy can’t be straight up with you then he can’t be a winner. Maybe that’s why his players in Atlanta hated him.

Seems like it just doesn’t pay to be highly paid athlete. These guys are now paying the price for success. The Redskins have lost Sean Taylor and the NBA has suffered a rash of incidents where players were targeted for robbery and mayhem. Remember that the next time your favorite athlete seems a little snobbish. Maybe he’s afraid of the next nut to crawl out of the woodwork.

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