Spurs Tickets Sizzling – Spurs vs Clippers

by on May 17, 2012 updated May 17, 2012


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If ever there was an NBA team that could be described as hot it’s gotta be the San Antonio Spurs at this moment in time. This is a team that is on a tear. The Spurs have gotten serious over the last few weeks and just looking at them you have to feel sorry for any team that stands in their way. Consider some of the facts. San Antonio has now won 15 games in a row going back to the end of the regular season. And they’re not just winning, they’re blowing people away by an average of  17 points in that time span.

Their first win over the LA Clippers in Game 1 was just a blueprint win for the Spurs. Tim Duncan rampages for 26 points and the Spurs were obviously feeling their oats against a Clippers team that has battled a brutal schedule and is fighting injury to key players as the playoff move on. Second verse? Same as the first. San Antonio on the other hand is healthy and well rested. If the Clippers can’t find some magic their coming out party of 2012 is going to be turning into a pumpkin pretty soon.

So San Antonio moves on to play in LA on Saturday and the Clippers will have a hard time hanging. Odds are, as fine a season as they’ve had, that the LA Clippers are going to get steamrollered by this Spurs machine.


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