Spurs vs Thunder – OKC Makes It a Series

by on May 31, 2012 updated May 31, 2012


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OK, now we’ve got a Western Conference Finals going on. I have to admit I was a little worried that the San Antonio Spurs were going to just run away with this thing and head into the NBA Finals on a total roll. But the Oklahoma City Thunder got it together last night and just totally trashed that idea with a 102-82 win over San Antonio in Oklahoma City.

A 20-point win is pretty big. It destroys the idea that San Antonio is this unstoppable winning machine. It also ended a 19-game winning streak by the Spurs and puts a mortal face on a team nobody figured would be stopped. But stopped they were. Not only stopped but ground into the court.

Oklahoma City forced 21 turnovers in this game and kept the Spurs at bay from the beginning with steals, 22 points from Kevin Durant, and a top notch game from Thabo Sefolosha who added 19 points and robbed San Antonio a half a dozen times.

The Oklahoma City Thunder get a chance to even the series in Game 2, but you can bet the Spurs will be out for blood after this one. Regardless, the Thunder are still battling the home court advantage of the Spurs. Winning at home is absolutely a must for the Thunder and they’ll have to carry that momentum back to San Antonio to at least one road victory. A tall order but after a performance like tonight, not unthinkable.

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