Should college athletes be criticized? Absolutely

by on September 24, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy went on a tirade Saturday over a column in the Daily Oklahoman that criticized and questioned quarterback Bobby Reid.
You read the column and watch Gundy’s tirade and decide whether it was appropriate or not.
To me, the columnist based her opinion on inside or “off-the-record” information, which is usually the juiciest. But I’d rather hear about inside info that addresses more scandalous affairs than whether or not a quarterback is a mamma’s boy.
That doesn’t mean I believe Gundy handled himself in a professional manner, nor do I believe that college athletes are exempt from criticism.
Don’t give me the “they aren’t getting paid crap.” Have you checked out how much a scholarship is worth these days? Try easily over six figures.
So if he stinks and is demoted, then I have to write he stinks and was benched.
If the coach makes poor decisions—something Gundy has done over and over since taking over for current LSU coach Les Miles—I have to question his coaching abilities.
Does Gundy have the right to question me? Absolutely.
Did he do it in the correct fashion? Yes, if he was a circus clown.

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