Shaq in the Suns

by on February 7, 2008 updated February 7, 2008

 The Shaq is headed to the Phoenix Suns eh? Well God bless them. No disrespect to the big man but I’m not expecting a whole lot out of this deal. First of all the guy is in his mid-30′s, still playing a young man’s game, and I wouldn’t count on him being physically able to spend a lot of time on court. Secondly, the Suns tend to run an up tempo game which will be hard on the old bones. Finally, I’m not sure how a guy who was an integral part of more tham one NBA Championship team will respond to basically a backup role. But then, earning $40 million over the next couple of years might make it easier to swallow.

 It could also be easier for Shaq then staying where he was. The Suns are currently in the lead in the Pacific Division, running a handful of games past the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. Will he be a factor when the playoffs begin and Phoenix has to deal with the Dallas Mavericks or New Orleans Hornets? Or the Utah Jazz, who are surprisingly hot? I doubt it. But then, playing with the Heat wasn’t exactly getting any easier.


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