Shanahan’s Silence Pays Off

by on July 21, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 How much is silence worth? In the case of former Denver Bronco coach Mike Shanahan it seems to be worth a bundle. Shanahan was released after the 2008 NFL season after his teams sudden collapse as they battled for a playoff berth. The failure resulted in a new head coach and lots of controversy. Jake Plummer was traded to the Chicago Bears in the biggest move, a trade that has been vilified countless times by Denver Broncos ticket holders, who feel one of their greatest assets was bungled away by the new regime.

 Certainly Mike Shanahan has an opinion on this. But he’s keeping his mouth shut. Why? Well, $7 million worth of reasons. It appears Mike will be paid that amount for no duties other than holding his tongue about anything related to the Denver Broncos. Hey, I’ll shut up for only $50,000.

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