Seeking the Unlikely in College Basketball

by on December 18, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 It’s probably too early to be thinking about the Final Four. Which is exactly why I’m doing it. I’ll plunge into the unknown, the land of stupidity, where I often find myself dwelling.  There are of course the favored few who already seem to have their Final Four tickets locked up. Namely, North Carolina, Memphis, and Kansas. After that the polls start to unwind and diverge. But what I’m really interested in is the longshots of college basketball. Those lower ranked teams that somehow seem to sneak in every year, knock off a powerhouse, and end where they weren’t expected.

 Duke, currently ranked #6, maybe shouldn’t be on the list. But it’s been awhile since Coach K has pulled off a win in the Final Four. By the way, if anyone thinks I don’t know Duke basketball, I’ll email them my pictures of Duhon holding my daughter at the Salmen High School basketball camp, when he was playing for Duke. But don’t ask any questions. Ask my son, who Duhon tutored in hoops.

More to the point I think you have to look for Marquette or Michigan State or Indiana or Texas A & M to make a late season move and end up in the running. Why these teams? Because I’m not picking them in the office pool. HA! 

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