SEC Onslaught

by on September 15, 2008 updated September 15, 2008

 Backing up my contention that the SEC is the best college football conference in the country, the latest polls show that five SEC teams now rank in the Top Ten. This is true in the AP poll and the coaches poll. As it now stands the Georgia Bulldogs are ranked #3, the Florida Gators #4, LSU Tigers #6, Alabama #7, and Auburn #10.

 The rankings are a testament to the quality of football layed in the SEC. The SEC is also it’s own cross to bear. In an age where perfection is demanded of a national champion, how does a team get out of the SEC season without a loss. These teams spend all season beating up on each other. No other conference winner faces the same challenge as an SEC Champion. As much as is made of “strength of schedule” factors in rankings, nothing stands out like a goose egg in the loss column and nothing sells commercial time as well as an “undefeated” tag come bowl time.


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