Seattle Seahawks – Flim Flam Flynn Wilson’s In

by on August 28, 2012 updated August 28, 2012


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At least Matt Flynn got a chance to sign a mega-contract. It seems he won’t get a chance to start in the first game of the NFL season though as Seattle announced today that Russell Wilson, their rookie 3rd Round draft choice out of Wisconsin, is their newly annointed starter. I have to admit this caught me by surprise as I fully expected Matt Flynn to get the nod.

At this point in time the Seattle Seahawks have nothing but good things to say about Russell Wilson. And to be honest he’s performed about as well as Flynn has. Wilson has completed 35 of 52 passes and his passer rating is higher than Flynn’s. So well get a chance to see what the rookie quarterback can do when the season opens.

He is in good company and he joins at least four other rookie quarterbacks who will be starting in the 2012 NFL opening week. With nowhere near the attention being paid to him as there is to RG3 and Andrew Luck, Wilson has the opportunity to kind of ease into the spotlight rather than having it thrust upon him. He took the reins of the Wisconsin Badgers unheralded and unknown and ended up starting for the rest of his college career. Can he do the same in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks? We’ll see.

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