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The Seattle Seahawks have plenty of good things working in their favor. They’ve been able to beat some good teams in the last few years, they’ve got one of the better running backs in the NFL in Marshawn Lynch (Remember the epic run against the New Orleans Saints that tripped seismographs on the West Coast?) and their coach is a guy with enough experience to prepare the team for better times. What they haven’t found yet is a quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson has shown flashed but really, is probably not any more than a capable backup.

So Head Coach Pete Carroll rolled the dice this season and traded to get Matt Flynn from the Packers. Flynn has little experience but he learned to play football in a good system behind a great quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. In his few starts he’s done exceptionally well, with a memorable six-touchdown performance against the Lions last season. But we’re talking the Seattle Seahawks here and not the Packers. It’s going to be interesting to see what Seattle actually got in this trade. Carroll has thrown open the doors of the competition in the pre-season and it’s up to Flynn to prove he’s got the moxie.

Otherwise, the Seahawks continue their steady improvement. The offensive line should be improved with the return of James Carpenter and John Moffit, two high picks that suffered injuries their rookie season. If this line can find some cohesion, Lynch will have a good season and provide Flynn or whoever is under center, some breathing room.

The defense has been living off the secondary, which is one of the more intimidating in the NFL. The problem is that up front the Seahawks have been beaten like a drum, with very little production from either the defensive line or the linebackers. That leaves opponents open to running the ball down their throats. Not much has changed here for 2012, though the addition of Bobby Wagner at linebacker could help.

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