Seahawks Serenity

by on July 13, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

Fans with Seattle Seahawks tickets will see a head coach with real serenity. After a great run at USC, Pete Carroll is now tucked away snugly in the NFL. Leaving the USC trojans to face the music for transgressions under his regime. Good deal huh? Torch the reputation of a major college football program, rake in some bucks, and leave the underlings and the kids behind to pick up the pieces. Lane Kiffin got jobbed by this deal. Now he’ll have to struggle, well maybe not struggle, but putter along an extra couple of years before he can win big. Not that Lane Kiffin has ever won big. But I digress. Pete Carroll is basically enjoying ill gotten gains. Yet, we still like the guy, mostly because under his last NFL gig most NFC teams could pencil in a win. His record? 33-31. Not great.

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