Santa Clara 49ers?

by on June 12, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

 The San Francisco 49ers have just taken a major step towards…….what? Is it really likely that the 49ers will abandon Candlestick Park for Santa Clara? Is it even likely that this stadium will get built? Doesn’t seem to be. The deal hinges on some tenous accomplishments. Some of the money has to come from an NFL slush fund which is probably too depleted to contribute the required amount. It also requires the sale of naming rights to the new stadium, not an easy thing in todays economic climate. Ask the Dallas Cowboys.

 What it does do is indicate the determination of the 49ers to either get a better deal made of Candlestick or to move on. If the city of san Francisco doesn’t get on the stick it’s quite possible they could lose their NFL franchise. A common tactic now is to threaten to move. It’s been done by more than one NFL owner and will continue in the future. E tu anyone?

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