San Francisco Giants Tickets – 2012 Notes

by on March 11, 2012 updated March 11, 2012

San Francisco Giants tickets will probably give give you a National League West Championship. But there are a few areas that need improvement if Giants tickets holders are to ride the big wave to the World Series.

1) The San Francisco Giants finished in the bottom ranks of baseball in terms of scoring. That needs to change and it may be time to move to younger, more powerful hitters like Brandon belt. The old guys aren’t getting it done.
2) They need to get back a healthy Buster Posey. If they do, some of those offensive woes will be taken care of and the Giants will benefit from the boost in defense he supplies from the catcher position.
3) Upgrade the infield with a shortstop who can establish a rythm. Playing musical chairs wasn’t a good thing last season.
4) Stay healthy. Along with Posey, the San Francisco Giants kept emergency rooms busy with key players like Freddy Sanchez and Pablo Sandoval.

With the basis of the team intact, and being able to put a strong pitching staff on the mound with names like Lincecum, the San Francisco Giants have to be labeled favorites for a spot in the National League Conference Series. Giants tickets will deliver in 2012, the only question is how big will the delivery be?

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