San Francisco 49ers Tickets – Alex Smith Prevails at What Cost?

by on March 20, 2012 updated March 20, 2012

The San Francisco 49ers surprised the NFL world last season by reaching the NFC Championship. A big part of that was quarterback Alex Smith finally becoming comfortable in a system and finally having enough confidence to reach his potential. An excellent performance in the playoffs against the New Orleans Saints helped put the 49ers one game away from a Super Bowl.
So what does Alex Smith get for his breakthrough? Well, the Niners put a $24 million contract on the table before the season. Not a top flight contract but respectable enough to keep Smith in the fold by my reckoning. Unfortunately the San Francisco 49ers have undermined their quarterback by reportedly seeking the services of Peyton Manning, a strategy that has blown up in their faces now than Manning has pretty well decided on the Denver Broncos.
At this point the 49ers have some redemption work facing them. Odds are they’ll have to pony up more money to satisfy a disgruntled Alex Smith. Secondly, Jim Harbaugh will have to rebuild his relationship with a quarterback he salvaged from the scrap heap and publicly expressed supreme confidence in. Not a great situation for a team looking to build on the best season they’ve had in a decade.
The Niners have two things going for them in this relationship debacle. First of all Alex Smith has said he’s like to remain in San Francisco. Secondly, I suspect Harbaugh has told Smith that he had no part in the Manning deal and always had his back. Which may or may not be true. Look for the San Francisco 49ers to divvy up a little more dough, pat Smith on the back, and get on with the program.

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