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NFL – Philly Fast and Furious

updated September 12, 2013by September 12, 2013

Is this the next big wave in the NFL? Can Chip Kelly make believers of us all? The Philadelphia Eagles set the tone in their game against Washington and the results were good. What we have to be asking ourselves is how NFl Defensive coordinators will react to this new facet of offensive strategy in […]

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NFL Tickets – San Diego Chargers 2013 Preview

updated August 1, 2013by August 1, 2013

San Diego Chargers Football Schedule         On a personal note I have to say that I hate to see Norv Turner go. His absence means my series of annual blog posts titled “Nobody Named Norv” must now come to an end. The San Diego Chargers did experience success under Norv Turner but […]

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San Diego Chargers 2012 Preview – Nobody Named Norv Year 6

updated August 24, 2012by August 14, 2012

    Join me once again for my annual tribute to the San Diego Chargers and their seemingly endless quest to win a Super Bowl under their current leadership. But it won’t happen. Not because the Chargers are a bad team. They’re not. They’re a good team. Not because they lack some essential ingredient on […]

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