San Diego Chargers Tickets – Nobody Named Norv

by on September 2, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

Stay away from Wall Street and invest your hard earned cash in San Diego Chargers tickets in 2009. While you won’t get a monetary return, you will get to see some good solid football and probably a lot of wins in the bargain.

The Chargers just resigned Philip Rivers, one of the better QB’s in the game. Not to mention thay’ve still got LT and Shawne Merriman is back, healthy, and not happy. I’m expecting San Diego to finish at the top of the AFC West in 2009, downing the hapless Denver Broncos, the pitiful Oakland Raiders, ¬†and the rebuilding Kansas City Chiefseasily. For Chargers fans, it’s payback time and the low hanging fruit of the division is just for starters.

Chargers tickets bring the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, and for good measure, the Washington Redskins to close out the season. Walks like a good season and quacks like a good season. Alas, as much fun as the Chargers will be this season I still stick with my favorite prediction: No Coach named Norv will ever win the Super Bowl.

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