San Diego Chargers – Get the Hook Ready

by on November 12, 2007 updated November 12, 2007

 Barring a miracle it seems like the San Diego Chargers should waste no time in giving Norv Turner the hook. From my vantage point it seems like old NOrv will be lucky to make it through the season. Why? Turner has lost his team.

1) The win over the Colts was a miracle, the kind of fluke that happens occasionally in the NFL.

2) The players don’t like him. Reports from the locker room have players openly discussing his inept handling of situations.

3) Philip Rivers, rather than blossoming under a supposedly offensive genius, is playing the worst football of his career.

4) A defense with as much talent as anyone in the NFL now has the dubious distinction of having given up almost 300 yards to a rookie running back.

5) He is still named Norv and carries the record of a guy named Norv, something like 60-80 as a head coach.

 It all adds up to the Norv Turner era being a disaster and mercifully short. If I was an NFL owner and I was seeing what I’m seeing out of the Chargers I’d make changes sooner rather than later. And hey, who’s that ex-Steelers Head Coach who’s probably looking for a spot next year? Ditch Turner, GM Smith, and hand the reins over to the guy with the jutting jaw and the mean disposition.


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