San Diego Chargers 2012 Preview – Nobody Named Norv Year 6

by on August 14, 2012 updated August 24, 2012


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Join me once again for my annual tribute to the San Diego Chargers and their seemingly endless quest to win a Super Bowl under their current leadership. But it won’t happen. Not because the Chargers are a bad team. They’re not. They’re a good team. Not because they lack some essential ingredient on the player level. They kinda don’t. Yes, there are some areas that could be improved. And not because they don’t have good coaching. They do. The San Diego Chargers finished 8-8 in 2011 and that was a bad year. Norv Turner is 49-31 in his career with the Chargers. Pretty good.

But here’s the rub. My theory is that NOBODY NAMED NORV WILL EVER WIN A SUPER BOWL. Guys named NORV just won’t get that far. The name itself is the problem. I’ve been predicting this for six years now and I’m racking up a 100% accuracy rate. The San Diego Chargers will never win a Super Bowl under Norv Turner. Forget it. Now that we understand that let’s take a look at the 2012 San Diego Chargers and see what they can do.

The 2012 San Diego Chargers are playing for a ton of things and one of them is keeping Norv Turner employed. This is a talented team that has underperformed for years now, missing the playoffs in back to back seasons. Honestly, it’s hard to understand why Norv Turner and A.J. Smith are still around. But they are and here’s what they’ve done in the offseason.

1) Signed WR Robert Meacham from the New Orleans Saints

2) Signed WR Eddie Royal from Denver

3) Drafted three defensive players in the first three rounds of the draft. OLB Melvin Ingram of South Carolina, DE Kendall Reyes of Connecticut, and SS Brandon Taylor of LSU.

The problem for the 2012 San Diego Chargers is that they have to put things together quickly because unlike past years everyone else in their division doesn’t suck. The Denver Broncos raised the bar with Manning and even Oakland is showing signs of stability and improvement. San Diego can’t bank on six easy AFC West games in 2012. But even if they should win the division, NOBODY NAMED NORV WILL EVER WIN A SUPER BOWL. And that’s that.


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