Saints Tickets – Plugging in the Pieces

by on July 29, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

The New Orleans Saints won a Super Bowl with Reggie Bush. In an offense that depends on getting defenders spread out and making opponents cover every base, Reggie Bush was a valuable commodity. Combined with a power running back, Bush presented a formidable challenge for teams looking to shut down Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Having a guy in the backfield who could run pretty effectively and be a major force catching passes out of the backfield gave the New Orleans Saints a dominating offense on the Super Bowl run.

But over the years, Reggie bush seemed to have lost his luster. It’s hard to keep shining when you’re injured. And if the truth is told Reggie Bush never seemed to be able to bull his way through the tackles. Let him catch you in open space and you were toast. But if he was contained he just couldn’t power his way past anyone. Never a true running back, Bush became a decoy, but a major element in the passing game of the New Orleans Saints.

So when the Saints were faced with a lower salary cap, an oft-injured Reggie Bush became a luxury too expensive to keep. He was traded to the Miami Dolphins and suddenly the Saints had a need for a versatile back with pass catching ability and quick feet.

Enter Darren Sproles, who spent the lockout working with quarterback Drew Brees. Sproles will be competing for playing time with a trio of running backs who have proven they can be starters. But none carry the quickness of Sproles or his pass catching ability. Payton has his new Reggie Bush, maybe not as flashy, certainly not as hyped, but quite possibly a better all around back and hopefully more durable.

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