Saints Tickets – Dare to Dream

by on December 7, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Right about this time Saints ticket holders are daring to dream. Dreaming about being that one NFL team that just seems destined for big things. Dreaming about that magical season where everything flows and all the luck in the world gets funneled into your games.

 If you didn’t get a chance to latch onto Saints tickets this season then stop fooling around. The New Orleans Saints have a horseshoe somewhere. After a feeble performance yesterday against the Washington Redskins the saints came out smelling like a rose. Pushed around and trailing all game, New Orleans lines up to defend against a Redskins field goal that was essentially a long extra point. Washington’s kicker shanked it wide. So naturally, Drew Brees take about one minute to drive 80 yards and tie the game with a long pass to Robert Meacham and send it into overtime.

 With the Redskins driving, and a Saints defense that couldn’t stop Jason Campbell, a fumble is the only way for Washington to lose. What happens? A fumble. Saints never look back, drive the field, kick the field goal, and leave 12-0 in one of the most improbable wins of all time. By the way, they also claimed the NFC South title. Get saints tickets now. This is a team with luck riding on their shoulders. They’re very good but even a good team needs Fortune in their favor and the New Orleans Saints have it in spades.

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