Saints Tickets – Cream of the Crop?

by on December 1, 2009 updated December 1, 2009

 New Orleans Saints tickets have been on the rise with NFL fans since Sean Payton took over in 2006. During that initial season the Saints stormed to the NFC Championship only to lose to the Chicago Bears with bad defensive play. In the following season, Paytons talent with offensive firepower boosted the New Orleans offense to the top of the heap. But it couldn’t punch Super Bowl tickets for the Saints because of the abominable defense. The 2009 NFL season has seen that change.

 After finishing near the bottom in most defensive stats in 2007 and 2008, the New Orleans Saints threw out the old defensive coordinator and brough in Greg Williams. And what a difference he’s made. Dismissing the old “bend but don’t break” philosophy, Williams has instilled a three new buzzwords. Attack. Attack. Attack. And it’s working.

 Never was this more apparent than in last night’s matchup with the New England Patriots. The New Orleans Saints offense lived up to the  billing, moving down the field effortlessly, racking up points and making it look too easy. But for those who felt like a banged up Saints secondary wouldn’t be to contain Tom Brady it was an eye opening experience. All night long the New Orleans secondary confused the Pats with alternating coverages, pressuring Brady from every position on the field, limiting the Pro Bowl QB to 0 TD’s and picking off two passes. Randy Moss was kept under wraps and Wes Welker was stifled.

 What does it all mean? The New Orleans Saints now have to be considered as a prime candidate for the Super Bowl in Miami. At 11-0, they’re one win away from wrapping up the NFC South and in position for home field advantage in the playoffs.


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