Saints Tickets Without Bush

by on June 19, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

The New Orleans Saints are gearing up for a Super Bowl run, should the NFL lockout be resolved. If you look back to 2009 when the Saints made their one and only Super Bowl run, the offense was geared around Drew Brees and the passing attack. But lost in the mix was the addition of a powerful running game that could grind out yards, and the added versatility of Reggie Bush, a dangerous runner on the edges and an even more dangerous pass catcher out of the backfield.

The loss of that running game in 2010 due to injury put a serious crimp in the Saints attack. The Saints were overwhelmed by defenses that no longer had to deal with Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, or Reggie Bush. The result was more pressure on Brees and the passing game, which resulted in an enormous increase in interceptions. Without ground support the offense of Sean Payton was more a case of chance than design.

Now the 2011 season is shaping up and the roster of the New Orleans Saints may be markedly different. Drafting Mark Ingram means the Saints could be moving to a more traditional running game. The bigger question is whether Reggie Bush has forced the hand of the New Orleans Saints. It is now no secret that Reggie Bush has been shopping his talents around the league, with teams like the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers interested in gaining a more explosive offensive attack.

Can the Saints succeed without Reggie Bush, known as “the world’s most expensive decoy in the NFL.” ? Furthermore, did the drafting of Mark Ingram spell the doom of Bush in New Orleans? While Reggie has been a contributor, his inability to remain on the field has made him less valuable, and the Saints definitely won’t pay him $12 million. let’s wait and see.

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