Saints Tickets – Alive in the Brees

by on September 18, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

 If Drew Brees isn’t the MVP of the New Orleans Saints I’ll eat my hat. Remember, this is a quarterback who was cast off by the Chargers and has now reached the peaks of the NFL. If ever the fortunes of a team were rising on the shoulders of one guy, it’s the New Orleans Saints. Let’s forget for a minute about the woeful Indianapolis Colts less Maniing, and just ride with it OK?

 The Saints took on a Chicago Bears team today, a team that came out last week and put an old fashioned butt whipping on the Atlanta Falcons. In past years that would not have meant much. But this Atlanta team took a #1 seed in the NFC in the last NFL season, so they aren’t slouches. But the Bears made them look like slouches.

 Now Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints made the Bears look like cubs. In a telling moment, one that pretty much defines the New Orleans Saints under Drew Brees, the Saints cam to the offensive line needing 12 yards to get a first down deep in their own territory. But the always daring Sean Payton and the gunslinging Drew Brees didn’t back down. Brees ended up gunning it out to Devery Henderson, who made two defenders grasp air before winging his way to a 79 yard touchdown.

 It was the kind of explosive strike Saints tickets holders have come to expect from Drew Brees. The ability, and even more so the willingness, to go for the long ball from anywhere on the field, is a hallmark of the Drew Brees era. He’s the guy who keeps the New Orleans Saints alive and with a strong Brees at their back, this team can do some damage in the NFC South.

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