Saints vs Rams – The Return of Gregg Williams

by on August 8, 2014 updated August 8, 2014


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Is Gregg Williams and inspirational leader? Or is Gregg Williams a bloodthirsty cheater, capable of paying out cold hard cash for injuring opposing players and coaches?

There’s no doubt that Gregg Williams is one of the most divisive figures in the NFL today. Williams was tagged as the leader of Bountygate, a Pay for Pain system he allegedly set up in New Orleans and other stops along his NFL career. Some players have denied the system was intentionally devised for injuries, that it was simply a reward system for playing psychical football in a psychical game.

Now Gregg Williams is back on the field, acting as Defensive Coordinator for the St. Louis Rams after serving a two year suspension. Tonight, the Rams will take on the Saints in a pre-season game. In the NFL it’s hard to avoid crossing paths with your past. Some in the New Orleans media are calling for Saints coach Sean Payton to sit out key players like Drew Brees, fearful that Williams will once again e paying cold hard cash for injuries, or at least calling plenty of blitzes during an exhibition game where the biggest goal is to get out without having any injuries.

We’ll be watching the Rams and Saints, and we suspect the NFL will be watching closely also.

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