Saints Look to Fix D – Ryan May Come From Dallas

by on February 6, 2013 updated February 6, 2013


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The New Orleans Saints had high hopes of being the first team in the NFL to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium. That was before Goodell got involved and whacked their Head Coach, defensive Coordinator, and an assortment of other players and coached. Still, it was thought that Drew Brees and the offense could carry the day. But there isn’t an offense in the world that could overcome the dismal reality that was the New Orleans Saints defense, the worst defense in the history of the NFL.

So the first thing that Sean Payton did when he returned from suspension was to fire Steve Spagnuolo, architect of the historically bad Saints defense. Of course things could cut deeper than that and the debate between scheme and personnel is bound to continue.

Now word is out that the New Orleans Saints are looking at bringing in Rob Ryan as Defensive Coordinator in order to right the ship. Good or bad decision? Time will tell if it’s even true. In his last season in Dallas Ryan’s squad finished as the 19th ranked squad in total defense, 19th in passing and 22nd in rushing defense. Hardly sterling statistics if you ask me. But it’s been reported that Payton is looking to instill a base 3-4 defense and Ryan is an advocate of that approach.How he’ll use the Saints defensive talent, which most would describe as slim, is up in the air and sure to generate some controversy. It’s a pretty sure bet though, the New Orleans will go into the draft with the defense as top priority.


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