Saints at 49ers Playoff Tickets – Epic NFL Showdown

by on January 8, 2012 updated April 19, 2014

New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers Playoff Tickets

Get Saints at 49ers playoff tickets and see what’s going to be an epic showdown between the best Offense in the NFL (The New Orleans Saints) and the best defense in the NFL (The San Francisco 49ers). It seems almost inevitable that these two teams should meet in the Divisional round of the playoffs. All season long these two have been running neck and neck, both finishing at 13-3 in the regular season. The Niners got the seeding edge because of a better conference record and thus the New Orleans Saints will travel to Candlestick Park to take the next step on the way to a Super Bowl. But Saints at 49ers playoff tickets are sure to be one of the best NFL tickets of the year.

The San Francisco 49ers live and die with a defense that stops the run and steals the ball, creating more turnovers than any team in the NFL. The 49ers offense is solid but not spectacular, relying on the defense to create opportunity. The high flying New Orleans Saints are just the opposite, winging the ball all over the field in a historic season that saw the Saints shatter numerous offensive records. It’s a classic matchup between two totally different football philosophies that comes with Saints at 49ers playoff tickets.

If you’ve been waiting for your chance the time has come. The Saints are coming off of an explosive Wild Card win over the Detroit Lions and look unstoppable on offense. The 49ers look like that immovable object on defense. Which team can carry their banner into the NFC Championship game? We’ll find out on Saturday the 14th. Check out our selection of Saints vs 49ers playoff tickets and be ready for a rumble by The Bay. The Saints and 49ers are about to meet head to head in the NFL playoffs.

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