Saints vs 49ers – A Close Second for NFL Tickets of the Week

by on November 14, 2013 updated November 14, 2013

 As you know, our NFL tickets of the Week Award went to the Broncos and Chiefs game. The Saints vs 49ers game came in a very close second. The first is a showdown in the AFC, the second will help determine seedings in the NFC in some way.

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 Both the Saints and 49ers have been strong performers in 2013, the Saints currently leading the NFC South at 7-2 and San Francisco second in the NFC West at 6-3. The recent history beyween these two falls in favor of the 49ers. Both teams though, have had their problems and their big wins. Neither has been the model of consistency envisioned at the beginning of the year.

 For San Francisco it’s been a question of offensive output. At times ColinKaepernick has shown flashed of the brilliance that won him the starting job last season. At times though, Kaepernick has been reduced to average. San Francisco is coming off of a loss to the Carolina Panthers in which they gave up six sacks and produced only nine points. They’ll have something to prove in New Orleans.

 The Saints always play well in the Superdome and are undefeated there this season. However, their running game, apart from last week’s epic show against a severely depleted Cowboys defense, has been non-existent. A loss against the Jets two weeks ago exposed a defense that is vulnerable if the offense isn’t helping out. Jimmy Graham is still ailing and Darren Sproles has suffered a concussion. Their status in the 49ers game, even if they play, is likely to be less prominent than New Orleans would like.

 Furthermore, a look down the road showcases the importance of this game for both teams. San Francisco is engaged in a battle for the division with the Seattle Seahawks. The Saints are desperately trying to stay ahead of a Carolina Panthers team that has won five straight games. Neither wants to take another loss. It’s the kind of game that would be our NFL Tickets of the Week Award if not for an undefeated team playing against the hottest quarterback in the NFL. If you’ve got Saints vs 49ers tickets, you probably don’t feel too badly about missing the Chiefs and Broncos.

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