Every Rose Has Its Thorn

by on May 6, 2012 updated July 26, 2015


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Just like the rock band Poison said, “Every rose has its thorn,” this same quote seems to come to reality to Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose.  In Game 2 of the Bulls’ series with the Philadelphia 76ers, Rose tore his ACL, which ended his hopes to play in the NBA playoffs.  With Rose out, most analysts thought that the Bulls would at least win against the 76ers, but by the looks of how the Bulls are playing, it seems highly unlikely for that to even happen.

The Bulls were able to pull off a win in Game 1 of the series, but everything went downhill after Rose’s injury.  The Bulls lost both Game 2 and Game 3 in Philly.  Just the overall emotion and team play of the team looks bland, but strange things have happened in the NBA playoffs before.  This sports blogger is not counting out the Bulls yet.  I believe the Chicago Bulls can win this series if they go back to playing like they did without Rose during the regular season.  The Bulls went 18-9 in the regular season while Rose dealt with multiple injuries.

I think if the 76ers win though they too may make some noise in the playoffs.  The Bulls are the #1 seed regardless of how they played with or without Rose.  For the 76ers to be leading against the #1 seed is very impressive.  If the 76ers win this series, it will be a huge confidence booster for not just the players but also the fans in Philly.  Watch out Chicago because Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holliday, and Evan Turner are looking very sharp and playing at their best right now.

Don’t overlook this series as an automatic for either team.  It will be back and forth action between these two teams.  Get your tickets now at Frontrow.com.

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