Rose Bowl Tickets – The Preview

by on December 28, 2011 updated December 28, 2011

 Rose Bowl Tickets – Oregon Vs Wisconsin

Rose Bowl Tickets

The Wisconsin Badgers and Oregon Ducks will occupy one of the biggest stages in college football when they meet in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 2. Neither of these teams will have stage fright as they’ve both been part and parcel of the grand show of college bowl games over the past few years. But while both Wisconsin and Oregon are major college football powers they haven’t been as successful at it as you would think, neither having won in a BCS Bowl in recent history. That’s going to change this time around and Rose Bowl tickets will get you in to see it.

The Oregon Ducks has a shot at history with a 2011 appearance in the BCS Championship Game, but fell to the Auburn Tigers. This 2012 Rose Bowl does make their third straight berth in a BCS Bowl though and hopes are high among Ducks fans that this is the clincher. The Orgeon Ducks will be bringing a high speed offense into the Rose Bowl, relying on LaMichael James to provide much of their power.

On the other side will be the Wisconsin Badgers who are playing in their second consecutive Rose Bowl and still looking for a win in a BCS post-season appearance. The Badgers play a more traditional power football game, using a massive offensive line and the power running of  Montee Ball, who was heavily in the Heismann Trophy discussion.

With both teams eager to make their mark and erase recent bad memories, 2012 Rose Bowl tickets are a good chance to see two ranked college football team going at it with total abandon. Two different offensive styles butt heads in the Rose Bowl this season but both teams have the same goal: Win a Rose Bowl.

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