Rolling Stones Tour Coming – What’s Next?

by on October 21, 2012 updated October 21, 2012

Keith Richards playing guitar

Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones will rock London and Newark. Is there more to come?


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I’ve got a feeling that the current Rolling Stones Tour is only going to whet our appetites for more. Maybe that’s what it’s designed to do. Can you imagine the Rolling Stones not extending this thing and covering the rest of the globe? I can’t.

By sheer coincidence I’ve just finished reading the autobiography of Keith Richards, a great book which he’s chosen to give the title of “Life.” And man what a life. If you’re a Rolling Stones fan you’ve probably picked up on the fact that Richards is about as unconventional as anyone could be. The epic stories of his drug use and wayward ways could probably fill a bigger book than this and it’s already at 550 pages. But when you’re getting your Rolling Stones tickets be sure to pick up this book.

What impressed me the most about Richards is this : He’s all about the music. The book is filled with his escapades and addictions and personal problems he’s run into along the way, but what really comes through is that the man has found something he loves and he’s worked it to the hilt. Of course, he found the Rolling Stones and he found the perfect partner in Mick Jagger, but that hasn’t stopped him from exploring his world of music as a real artist, experimenting and learning things almost daily through fifty years of his career.I also found out that he’s  not a bad singer either, something he came to later in his career.

Anyway, though there have been only four dates announced for this Rolling Stones tour, I have no doubt that a guy Like Keith Richards isn’t going to be satisfied with just four shows. I’m convinced this is just the beginning of a Rolling Stones World tour and that should give everyone some satisfaction.

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