Rolling Stones Tickets – Prep Time

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Rolling Stones Tickets


The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones history is explored in "Charlie is My Darling"

Rolling Stones tickets have grabbed the headlines for the past few weeks as the Stones get ready to embark on a new tour. But if you already have your Stones tickets you might want to do a little prep. If you don’t have Rolling Stones tickets get them here.

So how do you prepare for the Rolling Stones? Here’s a suggestion or two.

Crossfire Hurricane – The Rolling Stones documentary just came out and it takes you on a 50-year cruise through the history of the world’s greatest Rock and Roll band. It opened in early November and is playing in theaters across the country, a good way to brush up on your Stones history and get a little back story on Mick, Keith, and the boys.

Try reading the Keith Richards autobiography “Life.” I got finished a couple of weeks ago and I heartily recommend it. Richards is surprisingly level headed and honest throughout. I also brought away a huge amount of respect for his devotion to friends, family, and his absolute devotion to honest and heartfelt music.

Charlie is My Darling – HBO is bringing out a short film about an early Rolling Stones tour, filmed just before they really broke it big with “Satisfaction.”

Catch all this and you’ll be ready for the Rolling Stones, or as ready as you can be.


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