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Rolling Stones Tickets


Angie Dickinson

The Rolling Stones "Angie" is not about Angie Dickinson.

Rolling Stones tickets hit the market the other day and despite some rumblings about the price there doesn’t seem to be any lack of demand, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a Rolling Stones Tour. The nice thing about the Rolling Stones is that when you go to a concert you have such a wide selection of songs that it’s hard to be disappointed. What I remember from my last Stones tickets is the live performance of “Angie.”

The whole mythology of the Rolling Stones revolves around the origin of songs and the meaning of the lyrics. In the case of “Angie” there were tons of rumors when it first came out. But to get the background of the song straight from the horse’s mouth we only have to look at the words of Keith Richards. He wrote it after all and the story goes like this.

Richards was in Switzerland undergoing a form of rehab that laid him low for a few days. According to Richards the withdrawal was tough, with him feeling like he’d been “turned inside out.” During all of this his wife was off in the hospital having his daughter. Unbeknownst to Richards she named the child Angela. having recovered enough from withdrawal symptoms to start playing again, Richards sat down with his guitar and composed “Angie” not knowing it was the name of his newborn. According to him the song was “not about any particular person.” It was simply a song of separation and the inclusion of a name that mirrored his child’s was one of those serendipity things. And there you have it. So if you get Stones tickets and are lucky enough to hear ‘Angie” you now know the back story.

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