Rolling Stones Hit Paris

by on October 29, 2012 updated October 29, 2012


Rolling Stones Tickets


You had to know it was coming. When Rolling Stones tickets hit the market the other day the only announced dates were in London and Newark. But the Rolling Stones have a sneaky way of getting in prime shape for the big shows by hitting the small clubs first with surprise visits. That’s the scenario again as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and the rest of the Rolling Stones entourage hit Paris the other night and gave luck fans with ultra-cheap Stones tickets a taste of what’s to come in the bigger shows.

But wait. Could this mean that the Rolling Stones will be bringing their warm-up act to other smaller venues? It’s a distinct possibility as they’ve done it before. Keep your eyes peeled.

What can we gather from this latest Stones foray into their past? For one thing, the band unleashed the live performance of their latest single “Doom and Gloom.” But like a band with a 50-year history they reached way down into their bag of tricks to pull some stuff from the early days, too. “Route 66″ was one old classic to get covered as well as “Champagne and Reefer” from what we’re being told.

In any case this buildup to the larger dates is a classic Rolling Stones move and we’re expecting to see not only more of these warm-up shows but the addition of more dates in larger venues as the Stones begin to get into the groove of their sixth decade. Stay tuned for more news. When we hear of more Rolling Stones tickets on the market we’ll be sure to grab yours.

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