Roethlisberger Leftwich Out in the Cold Early

by on May 15, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

 Big Ben is out for the early season and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be looking to another veteran to get the team through a rough stretch. Byron Leftwich appears to be the frontrunner in this equation though Dennis Dixon will probably be given a shot at winning the spot.

 This situation isn’t a good one for the Pittsburgh Steelers. recent community opinion seems to be leaning toward Roethlisberger being an embarrasment to the Pittsburgh community. Throughout his career Ben has given the Steelers plenty of reasons to be happy with him. Two Super Bowl wins are hard to argue with. But again, the Steelers probably won’t put up with anything but excellent behavior from this point on.

If Leftwich or Dixon proves capable of winning consistently, does Roethliberger become trade bait? A proven quarterback isn’t easy to come by. Believe me there’s anothet team out there that would be happy to take a chance on Roethliberger.

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