Rockets, Nuggets, Lakers – The Trifecta

by on May 15, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Once again the Lakers have displayed to me that they may not have the spiritual will to contend for an NBA Championship. Phil Jacksons remarks about his team needing a spark now have a significant prominence. If getting lambasted by an ailing Houston Rockets team and having a Game 7 forced on you, when your opponent is playing without one of their most dominant players doesn’t provide a spark, then you’re in trouble.

 Two dangerous team have emerged to challenge the Los Angeles Lakers. The Houston Rockets could stun the NBA world at the Staples Center in game 7. The Denver Nuggets have proven that they belong in any discussion of serious NBA Championship contenders. For either of these team to advance to the Championship series would be a devestating blow to the NBA’s hopes of a Lakers – Cavaliers matchup. Myself? I think it’s great. I get easily tired of the same teams repeatetdly appearing in Championships. I’m tired of the Lakers. I’m tired of the celtics. I’m tired of the New England Patriots. I’m tired of the New York Yankees. (Or I used to be anyway before the Yankees started to suck).

 Fresh blood is good. I respect any borganization that can keep itself in contention over an extended period of years. I may be tired of them but I do admire them. I just like bright new shiny happy faces.

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