Revenge is Sweet

by on August 8, 2011 updated August 8, 2011

If you follow the game of golf you couldn’t have missed the comments by Steve Williams after he caddied his newest charge to a win last week. Williams, who was with Tiger Woods in 13 major tournament wins, called it “the greatest week of his life.” Nothing like an emotional dig at the boss who dumped you.

It says a lot that Williams came out with a comment like that. Caddies in golf ride a two edged sword. They are constantly bombarded by golf writers for the inside scoop on their charges and have to watch their tongues. Can you imagine what the press did to Steve Williams and can you imagine what he knew and didn’t tell? He could probably fill volumes with scathing stories.

While some would probably be put out with Williams, I think we just have to take this for what it is. Golf is a tough sport and requires constant strategy. Williams was a large part of the success of Tiger Woods. To be cast aside had to be galling. This is just sweet revenge.

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