Redskins Tickets – The Huge Leap

by on March 10, 2012 updated March 10, 2012

The Redskins went all in for Robert Griffin III

Washington Redskins tickets are an NFL tickets that’s extremely hard to come by. Fans wait years for a shot at season tickets and pay big bucks to land even upper deck Redskins tickets. It may become even harder to get Washington Redskins tickets now as the team has made a huge move to put themselves into position to draft a franchise quarterback, a position that has been noticeably weak under Mike Shanahan.

Today it was announced that the Redskins have given up three #1 picks and a 2nd round pick to move themselves into the Rams #2 spot in the NFL Draft. Now that’s what I call going all in to get the guy you want. Mike Shanahan is entering the twilight of his contract and it’s pretty obvious that he’s pretty close to what I’d call desperate. Spurned by Peyton Manning, the Washington Redskins have bet the farm that the Heismann Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is going to a long term solution to their quarterback problems.
Can Redskins ticket holders live with the trade? They’ll have to and if you look back you can see that the Redskins may only be giving up three chances to draft mediocre players in order to draft a single player that could possibly excel in the NFL. The decision makes the Redskins relevant in the NFC East and it’s a huge leap in terms of media attention.
Washington Redskins tickets will now be the only way to see in person the revitalization or demise of the MIke Shanahan era in Washington. If Griffin produces, Shanahan is a genius. If he struggles, Shanahan is toast.

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