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RGIII Could Start Monday….Maybe

Here we go. The suspense is killing us. Robert Griffin III has not been ruled out to start this week against the Dallas Cowboys. Actually, it would be a good time for Griffin to come back since the game is on Monday Night Football and the Cowboys are currently the beasts of the NFC East. Or maybe it wouldn’t be all that great. Griffin has had a tough couple of seasons, suffering leg injuries and missing big chunks of time. The quarterback who played himself into the NFL’s attention just hasn’t seemed the same since.

This all comes with a backdrop of Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy fighting for second string honors. Cousins got off to a decent start but spiraled downward, throwing nine interceptions. On Sunday, Cousins lost the ball twice, giving up a pick and a fumble. That was enough for Jay Gruden to bring in Colt McCoy, who did enough to engineer a comeback and give the Redskins a 19-17 sorely needed victory. But will McCoy get a chance? Will Griffin be able to go and if he does can he be anything like the lightning rod quarterback he was two seasons ago?

Tough call. But at this point Jay Gruden has to find out what Griffin can do in this offense. The former #1 pick is in the final year of his contract and it would be nice to see what potential is there before inking another deal or committing any more currency to the cause. Sometime or another in the next few weeks Robert Griffin III will get his shot. He’ll have to make the most of it or the Washington Redskins will be heavy players in the quarterback market come January.


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