RedskinDilemna – Some Questions

by on December 12, 2013 updated December 12, 2013

 The debacle going on in Washington is a good illustration of just how fickle the NFL can be. It’s also a good lesson in some other areas. To begin with, I don’t believe anyone saw this coming. Robert Griffin III tore it up last season. Was he waylaid by his knee injury? Was he returned too soon to the lineup? Let’s do some speculation.


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 Perhaps Griffin is perfectly healthy. Maybe the problem is that his unique style of play took awhile for defensive coordinators to evaluate. Once they did that, dealing with Griffin is not a problem. Or perhaps, and this is my take on it, the penalties dealt out to the Washington Redskins because of their contracts issued during the no-cap season have caught up with them. Maybe the fact that the Redskins were unable to sign quality depth is the biggest single factor in this decline.

 Or perhaps the franchise is dealing with an owner who just can’t be overcome. We’ve seen this happen before and are currently seeing it in other franchises. The Oakland Raiders are the most glaring example of this ailment. In the estimation of some, the Dallas Cowboys are the latest incarnation of an owner being too intimately involved and making decisions best left to the experts he hires. Dan Snyder has the reputation of being an owner who likes to call all the shots.

 Which leads us to ask the question? Can Snyder ruin the Redskins? I don’t believe so. It won’t take too many empty stadium shots to make even Dan Snyder believe that maybe he should back off. I do believe Mike Shanahan is gone. His personality isn’t going to let him put up with this foolishness much longer. Unless Snyder commits to a hands off presence, the Redskins will have another coach next season.

 That may be the best thing for Robert Griffin III. Another year to recover, another coaching staff in place, and enough money to fill out an NFL roster is the prescription for what ails the Washington Redskins. Time will heal these wounds.

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