Red Sox Tickets – Slow Start at 0-3

by on April 9, 2012 updated April 9, 2012

The Boston Red Sox aren’t used to this. Or maybe they forgot last season, when they also got off to a painfully slow start before eventually digging themselves out of a hole. But with all of the offseason hype and the perennial anticipation of the Red Sox and the Yankees dominating their division, you’d almost have to believe that a shot out of the gate would be the thing to expect. And let’s remember, this isn’t the Red Sox of last season, a squad that eventually deteriorated into a joke at the end of the season. Nop[e, Boston spent the winter proclaiming their new dedication to the game.
But it hasn’t happened. The Boston Red Sox have stumbled out of the gate, losing their first three games to the Detroit Tigers. The first game was close at least, at 3-2 and featured a solid performance by Justin Verlander. But with the score tied, reliever Jose Valverde let one hang over the plate too long and the Tigers Austin Jackson pushed it back through the infield to score the winning run. Oh well.
Game 2 of the series was a disaster. The Tigers prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera ate up the Red Sox pitchers and Detroit came away with a 10-0 win. A bad day at the park. Finally, in Game 3, the Red Sox fought their way through 11 inning before finally giving up a home run and trudged off the field at 0-3, having scored 12 runs and given up 13.
So now it’s on to Toronto and a date with the Blue Jays. Maybe Bobby Valentine can pull this thing together. I think so. Overall this club is strong and has the talent to compete in their division. But still, 3-0 make you think.

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