Red Sox Tickets Off to Rough Start

by on April 6, 2011 updated July 5, 2014



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What the hell? Weren’t Red Sox tickets supposed to be the sure thing? The World Series guarantee? What is this business with losing four straight to start the 2011 MLB season? I expected better and I think so did everyone else. The Boston Red Sox came back from a good year and made major waves on the free agent market by signing both Adrian Gonzales and Carl Crawford. The addition of these two guys moved the Red Sox from being contenders for the World Series into an almost sure thing by almost everyone’s thinking.

So now Red Sox tickets have yielded a record of 0-4. Now, let’s not kid ourselves and start writing off the Boston Red Sox. In a season as long as that of Major League Baseball, four games is nothing. Every team will find itself falling on hard times at some point. I think what concerns most people is that the Boston Red Sox just shouldn’t lose if you look at things on paper. Now they’ve fallen to the Cleveland Indians of all teams.

But take heart. Your Boston Red Sox will rebound. And when they do, watch out. The Sox are for real, they’re just having a little trouble getting warmed up.

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