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by on February 27, 2013 updated February 27, 2013


MLB Baseball Tickets


Boston Red Sox tickets, long revered among true MLB baseball fans, will have to be appreciated for their historic and emotional value in 2013 as the Red Sox attempt to resurrect a winning tradition. The last two seasons have been a meteoric plunge from being a contender to being a kind of buffoon show around Major League Baseball. But the right steps appear to be taken now and from here on out it’s going to be a slow but steady ascension. Or so Red Sox ticket holders hope.

Boston is trying to create a chemistry, trading on youth on one hand and seasoning it with a few wily veterans who can still contribute. Shane Victorino comes over, as well as Ryan Dempster and Stephen Drew. Hopefully, they’ll fit in well with remaining members of the Red Sox, who have at times performed well. We’re thinking David Ortiz here and Will Middlebrook and Dustin Pedroia.

Of course that’s all set up on one premise: Pitching. the Boston Red Sox, once heavily stocked and deep with arms, have seen some of their more reliable starters fall to injury or statistics. Both Clay Bicholz and Jon Lester have to engineer a resurgence. John Lackey will be healthy from offseason surgery. Or will he? We certainly hope so as the Red Sox are pretty thing once you get past that point. Of course, if Boston can get a lead, they’ll be in decent shape when the cavalry arrives in the form of the bullpen. The addition of Joel Hanrahan was an excellent move and Andrew Bailey is still reliable.

On the offensive side Victorino is slotted to move into the #2 spot while Jacoby Ellsbury leads off. Dustin Peroia will have to adjust to batting third and of course David Ortiz occupies the DH position and does it very well indeed.

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