Ravens vs Colts – AFC Matchup

by on January 15, 2010 updated January 15, 2010

 The heat is on with these Ravens vs Colts tickets. Indianapolis has been slothing through the final weeks of the postseason, betting everything on rest and saving up for the playoffs. It hasn’t been a smooth trip. Manning and the Colts have been taking heat for their approach, from fans who wanted an undefeated season, an even from the NFL, who are foolishly exploring ways to encourage playing starters when teams have no motivation to do so.

 Now the Indianapolis Colts will have to turn it up a notch to beat a Ravens team that has been full throttle. A super defensive performance last week puts the Ravens in firm contention for a Super Bowl. That old take no prisoners Ravens defense is back. Coupled with an impressive running game that allowed Joe Flaco to throw only 10 passes, the Ravens offense is as physical as their defense.

 Ravens vs Colts will be a matchup between opposing philosophies. One and aerial attack centered around Manning, the other a pound it out offense. One defense plays bend but don’t break, the other just simply beats opponents into submission. Which will prevail?


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