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by on October 18, 2011 updated October 18, 2011

The Baltimore Ravens are winning. They may be a long way from their Super Bowl team but they are still finding a way to win and that way includes plenty of defense and just enough offense. While Joe Flacco has been a decent quarterback, he hasn’t been great. The Baltimore Ravens defense has been great. For the Ravens, it’s all about beating your opponent up early and then bashing them to the ground in the end.

“What you want to do is wear people out early, and then you want to run over them late,” coach John Harbaugh said. “You get them a little more tired, and it is a little tougher to defend the run at the end of the game.”

Still don’t believe it? In the Ravens recent victory over the Houston Texans, running back Ray Rice had over 100 yards at the end of the game. But, How many did he have at the end of the first half? 16. So the Baltimore Ravens running back put 85 yards on the board in two quarters, after he and his teammates spent the first half dealing out body blows.

What the moral of the story? There is none really. Just remember when the Ravens aren’t scoring, they could still be winning the battle in the trenches.

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