Ravens Playoff Tickets – Win or Lose

by on December 25, 2011 updated December 25, 2011

Baltimore Ravens Playoff TicketsRavens Playoff Tickets


As far as Ravens Playoff tickets go, it’s pretty much in the bag but there does remain the question of who is going to win the AFC North. Can either the Ravens or the Steelers make themselves into a playoff ready team anytime soon. For the Pittsburgh Steelers it’s an injury to Ben Roethlisberger that’s got everyone on edge. For the Baltimore Ravens it’s a season long battle with inconsistency. But here’s the scenario that could not only bring you Ravens Playoff Tickets but a Ravens AFC North title.

The Baltimore Ravens basically need a win against the Cincinnati Bengals next week to clinch the AFC North and a home game in the playoffs. It’s simple, win and it’s yours. But should that not happen then a Pittsburgh loss would suffice to push the Ravens into the cat bird seat.

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