Ravens vs Patriots – Super Bowl Tickets at Stake

by on January 16, 2013 updated January 16, 2013


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Sorry Ray, despite a heroic effort in Denver, despite a fantastic career and an eventual Hall of Fame spot, despite the loving gaze of the football gods on your 2012 season, the New England Patriots simply have to be heavily favored to win the AFC Champion and get their umpteenth version of Super Bowl tickets.

The bottom line is that if not for a miracle play, if not for some boneheaded moves, the Denver Broncos should rightfully be playing in the AFC Championship. This takes nothing away from your opportunistic style, it takes nothing away from you ability to hang tough, to defy the odds, to overcome all obstacles. What it does mean is that when you have to go into Gillette Stadium and play New England for the chance to go to the Super Bowl, you’ll have to be very, very luck to get away with what you did in Denver.

In other words I believe Tom Brady would have spent the last 30 seconds of the game trying to win it. Overtime would have been a last resort. neither has Brady displayed the tendency of manning to ditch the game away with a poorly conceived attempt at an across the body pass.

In order to win this thing, and they can with a little luck, the Ravens will have to play perfect football. I’m not concerned with the Ravens defense against New England, I believe they’ll hold them down as much as any defense in the NFL could possibly hold down this offense. My concern lies more on the other side of the ball. You won’t catch a Patriots safety letting a wide receiver slip behind him in a crucial moment of the game. Big Bill would have him decapitated and his head put on a spike.

I’m no big Patriots fan but I give respect where respect is due. Bill Bellicheck and Tom Brady are moving into their last trip on the merry go round. Time is getting short. they won’t let this Super Bowl ticket slip away.

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