Ravens vs Eagles Preview – Quarterback Duel

by on September 13, 2012 updated September 13, 2012


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When the Baltimore Ravens visit the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend we’ll get to see a couple of starting quarterbacks coming at this game from two entirely different directions. Now I realize that one week can make a big difference in the NFL, but looking at this situations long term, I can see a pair of quarterbacks, one steadily moving toward exceptional, and the other headed toward disaster.

Joe Flacco has taken his share of heat in the last couple of seasons but remember this: He’s won more games in his first four years than any other quarterback in the history of the NFL. What’s more, Flacco has inspired enough confidence in the Ravens coaching staff that they’re moving away from a predominant ground game and putting the ball in his hands. Don’t be surprised if Joe Flacco is among the top yardage leaders in the NFL in 2012.

On the other hand I wonder exactly where Michael Vick is going.Certainly his story is remarkable. Certainly he’s an excellent athlete. But can he be a consistent winner in the NFL? His time in Philly has been a constant battle with injury. Michael Vick is either brilliant or struggling, often within the same series of plays. If you pushed me to the wall I’d tell you that he doesn’t have the head to be a great NFL quarterback. Please Mike, prove me wrong.


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