Rancid Thoughts on NFL Losers

by on September 24, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

 Biggest Dissapointments

San Diego Chargers – Somewhere Marty is chuckling. It’s hard to imagine how a team loaded with such talent is 1-2. Two losses are all the Chargers suffered in a season in 2006. One win brings a clean slate but uncertainty hangs over the Chargers.

New Orleans Saints – While the Saints were known to be weak on defense, what they’ve shown so far this year is pathetic. They couldn’t stop the Little Sisters of the Poor. More alarmingly, an offense loaded with talent can’t get out of it’s own way. Their performance in 2007 has to raise questions about whether the NFL gave them a sympathy pass last season.

Cincinnati Bengals – Another team with talent that can’t get a grip. Management has lost control and the locker room is a writhing mass of snakes.

St. Louis Rams – No defense, no heroics from Marc Bulger.

 Yes, the season is still young but the NFL is as unforgiving as Rush Limbaugh at the unemployment office. Without some real magic these teams are digging themselves holes deep enough to be devoid of all light.

Tomorrow: We begin a closer look at which NBA tickets we think will yield fruit.

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