Raiders Tickets – Making the Move

by on October 18, 2011 updated October 18, 2011

The Oakland Raiders, fresh of a recent victory and the loss of their spiritual leader, have made their move this week picking up former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. While there is no doubt that the Raiders were in dire need of an experienced quarterback, having lost Jason Campbell for the season, the move wasn’t cheap. Oakland gave up 1st round picks in next years draft and a2nd round pick the year after to get Palmer.

In fact, it could be more. The 2nd round pick is based on performance, and if the Raiders manage to get a playoff spot this year, a real possibility in the weak West, then that pick would upgrade to a 1st rounder. It’s a no lose deal for the Bengals, who have steadfastly refused to deal Carson Palmer despite his insistence that he would never play for Cincinnati again. I guess when somebody makes you an offer you can’t refuse, then you can’t refuse it.

The Raiders are 4-2 right now and thick in the middle of the division. Head Coach Hue Jackson is determined to make 2011 the Year of the Raiders and paying such a steep price says he means business. Furthermore, Carson Palmer and Hue Jackson have a little bit of a past, as Jackson was coaching the quarterbacks when Palmer hit career highs of over 3,800 yards and 32 TD’s. Will it all work out? We’ll see. But when it’s time to make your move it’s time to make your move and the Oakland Raiders have put their cards on the table.

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